Sunday, June 12, 2016

1953 Coronation Doll Coronation Sampler and Garden Seats

 A beautiful Coronation doll, there is a label on the back which states Designed and Worked by Mrs N.G. Demetriadi in 1953. In her will Mrs N. left it to The Embroideres Guild U.K where it has been stored for many years. As the Guild is moving and lacks storage space this rare item was sold on eBay. I am the lucky winning bidder so it now has a special place in my collection.
 A close up of some of the beading and stitching of the Coronation dress.
 This shows the box it is in and can be hung on the wall.
 This is the sampler I have been searching for and at last it is hanging on my wall. GeorgeVI coronation it shows Elizabeth and Margaret Rose' A similar one I have shows the children of GeorgeV
 My first 90th birthday sampler finished and looking for wall space. This chart was in Cross Stitcher Magazine.
 Now to show my new garden chairs. A local man makes these so look closely at the back of the 2 chairs as the backs are made out of bedheads.
 No two are the same but some are larger if he uses double bedheads. They are strong and solid and always with wide arms for a cup of tea or glass of wine.
If I can find more space I would love another chair.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates her 90TH Birthday

 Happy Birthday Ma'am. And may you have many more to enjoy with family.
 The Royal Bears join me in wishing you a very happy day.
 What a great photo. it was in a Sydney newspaper today and I think it is to be on a stamp in the U.K
 Our stamps for the BIG occasion. The stamp on the right shows the Wattle Brooch presented to the Queen on her visit in 1954. At the time a lot of replicas were made by a jeweller Donald Simpson. The replicas are expensive and so I don't yet have one in my collection. There is one on eBay right now for $395 so it is not for me. A cousin once said she would give me hers but then her daughter claimed it. But I stay positive and one day I will own one.
 Shibella is excited about the birthday too and is helping me choose a souvenir to show.
 We decided on this tea set as we think the Queen might have played with this one as a child. It shows the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret and I wonder which one lost the lid of the sugar bowl.
 The latest Teresa Gil Queen design, very similar to her previous design, this one shows Windsor Castle. This one is worked on Polstitches Summer Breeze aida cloth, very pretty. The chart was in Cross Stitch collection magazine.
A chart for this very nice cross stitch of the Queen by Faye Whittaker will be in the May issue of World of Cross stitching. I was first altered to this design by Janice in New York months ago and have been waiting to get my hands on it ever since. There is a Queen tea cosy pattern in Simply Knitting Mag. I will attempt but not finish because I can't remember I don't know how to knit. I will show in the next post the tapestry and cross stitch pictures I will be stitching for this Huge Royal Event.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Shibella a British Shorthair, Her Blog Post

 I was hoping for an email from some of the nice cats I met at the Cat Shelter but no news yet. It was my twelfth birthday on 9th February and everyone forget because of the Big Move. I have been promised a big party next year.
 Here I am being good and making use of my scratching post.
 I have been told this is my favourite toy. Do not believe this nonsense. I have been trying to get rid of this green thing since Christmas. I toss it around, hide it behind furniture but it always turns up again.
 This is my 'run to' box if I get nervous about anything and that green thing has even followed me here.
 Here I am in my courtyard admiring-or trying to- the few tame plants out here. Still no complaints from me as I do have safe outdoor space I can't get out of. A bit like prison but that would be unkind to say.
 Sometimes I sleep on the bed as it keeps HER happy. Note SHE still has the Diamond Jubilee Doona cover. SHE has two you know. One on and one in the wash. I should mention the Jubilee was four years ago so get over it but SHE is so nice to me I don't want to hurt HER feelings.
 Sometimes I sleep on the lounge watched over by a Corgi. What's his story I wonder?
Here I am just after my birthday. You might notice I look a bit different in the later photos. Because I refused to be combed or brushed I was all knotted up and had to go to the Vet. Have all my fur shaved off under full anesthetic. When I got home again I felt much better and much cooler. I still don't like being groomed so now there is talk of regular appointments at the Cat Groomer.
Well those unkind cats at Cat Protection Newtown who said I was too old to find a good home must be sorry now as I think I got the best home of all.
Must go now as SHE is heading toward the kitchen and I could do with another feed.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Teresa Gil Sampler Finished More Samplers and Help in The House

 My beautiful Teresa Gil Longest Reign finished and ready to be framed. all the beads are in place and while there might be one or two mistakes in the stitching I dare you to find them. I am a bit proud and pleased with my results on this one.
 On the left is a Prince Charles sampler celebrating his birth in 1948. On the right is the Princess Anne birth sampler I have had for some time. I knew the Charles sampler existed but was never able to find one. Another eBay find and I'm thrilled to have it in my collection. Never heard of one for Andrew or Edward so perhaps no one bothered after the heir and the spare.
 Another eBay find this Royal Visit 1954 embroidered sampler. So much still out there waiting to be found by me.
I have now been in my new house for a month and everything (or most things) went smoothly. I had lots of family help though I did make the mistake of asking grandson A to hammer a nail in so I could hang the kitchen clock. Grandson couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of his task and his father had to record this historic event on camera.
 Now the nail has fallen into the sink. The camera is still rolling. Grandson still laughing.
 Grandson looks on admiringly as his father shows how it should be done. Seemingly without a hammer.
 Grandson A now hides behind a mask so no more hammering will be asked of him.
Have had hundreds (well one) of requests for house photos and so far this is all I have managed. My new blind installed yesterday to block out the western sun.
Shibella loves the new house so next post will feature her adventures.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Australia Day for an Itinerant

26th January is Australia day and celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. But did you know that 26th January is also Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? This year I am too busy appreciating bubble wrap to celebrate Australia day because-- I am moving-again. I have lived in the same house now for almost 14 years. the longest I have lived anywhere since my marriage.

Why is my writing a different size when  all my news needs to be shouted?

Pic. courtesy  of Microsoft for work

Now I am living in chaos. Every box is marked Royal Stuff and each box holds more bubble wrap than item. I am only moving a few streets away and the amazing thing is I am buying the house of the couple who are buying mine.

The walls are bare, the curtains packed and I find it hard to live with boxes.I am selling a larger house that has been too long exposed to the sun, wind and salt spray and now needs a bit of work. Buying a smaller house that needs no work done and I think it has enough wall space for my royal sampler collection.

Here Shibella surveys some of the chaos. Now I must thank my family who have been helping with the chaos and especially R. who has repaired the many holes in the walls created by my sampler hanging frenzy. My hammer and nails are packed ready for the new house.

Shibella has chosen her moving box so I will tape her up now and toss her on the truck next week. And I thought I would have such trouble getting you in the cat carrier. My buyers have a cat identical to Shibella. It has been suggested we leave our cats behind but I think the cats would notice.

Got rid of a lot of my old furniture so this pic. shows some of the new. Still in the shop when I took this pic, has now been delivered wrapped in plastic. The stripped cushions will have to be replaced with something royal and I think the whole set is Shibella proof.

Love this little Bistro setting, I'm sure it will fit in somewhere.

Won't Have much time in the next couple of weeks to work on my Tersa Gil Longest Reign but it will have a prominent wall spot in my new house. Only a bit of gold stitching and the beading to do now. The back stitch is finished.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Teresa Gil Update and Shibella

 I have finished the cross stitch on my Longest Reign sampler except for the gold and silver threads which I will stitch last. I have started on the back stitch so still a fair way to go. The beads and letters will finish this project. The Queen's face is finished because I don't like unfinished faces.  No problems stitching this sampler and love the colours.
 Shibella has been such a big help and I couldn't have managed without her. Here she is holding my chart steady and watching for mistakes.
 Now Shibella is looking annoyed because I put needle and thread down for a quick bathroom break. Shibella is not a lap cat but always sits on the arm of my chair while I sew-or knit.
 I have the urge now and then to knit even though I rarely finish any knitting I start. I am knitting this bed cape from a 1933 book. It looks a bit like an apron and I think it's knitted sideways. I am using 5ply wool and 4mm needles. the pattern calls for finer wool and needles but this is not 1933 and I do have other things in my life.
This is the book, full of lacy bed jackets. I am knitting the easiest one
 Another bargain brand new from the Salvation Army shop. A very pretty apron labelled Asiana Airlines.
A member of cabin crew wearing the apron and looking so pretty Oh how I love my Salvo bargains!

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Very Royal Anniversary and Royal Knitting

 Sixty eight years ago today, 20th November 1947 Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married at Westminster Abbey. Congratulations to them both, they have a lot to celebrate on this special day.
 This is what some other women might have been doing on that special day in 1947. The dress is completely hand knitted including the frills and shoulder pads in 3/4 ply "Daphne" crochet wool. While knitting or wearing this masterpiece you must not gain weight or eat or drink in case of nasty spills or get near a cat or rose bush in case of snags. I found an add. for the wool in a 1947 newspaper. 21 balls are needed and cost 9 pence halfpenny a ball old money. Please do the sums and send me the answer. There were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. To wear the dress you must also be clever with your hair. A true masterpiece and the dress is not lined so best not to sit down or you might get a baggy seat.
 The booklet with the instructions for the dress. The add. in the news paper listed some very pretty colours for the wool but like the booklet it was all in black and white.
 Found this amazing book on Amazon, Full instructions included for everything, even the flowers.
 This is me! or it might be me when I have knitted the corgi slippers, pink twin set even knitted pearls and sash
 And when/if I adopt a corgi he will be wearing this smart coat and have a royal cushion.
 My bathroom will look like this. Don't worry I will reverse the feet as no male would ever be allowed in.
 If I had a man in my life I would knit him this smart jacket with knitted medals. I do have a son so wonder if I could knit this by Xmas and surprise him.
A knitted English breakfast complete with knitted sausages, bacon and egg. I might be able to knit an egg or sausage by Xmas. If I wrap these knitted treasured nicely I'm sure my family will love their knitted gifts.
A new knitted crown tea cosy in my collection and I didn't even have to knit it. This mini cosy was an eBay purchase and is so pretty.
Now back to my cross stitch. I'll learn to become an expert knitter tomorrow